Orthomed Clinic Website - Time For Wellness

Project Description

We design this website for doctor to connect to patients and care about the health and save time to build a strong relationship with their patients.


Patients book appointment to select time slot with fill personal details. In this phase client sees clinic services like CT SCAN, MRI, X-RAY, DISCOGRAPHY.In why us page define clinic features like most affordable services patient get with new technology, doctor are highly skilled and professional in his area , they have health care experience. In gallery page upload some picture of our happy patients which are related to treatment and that can help to online visitors.

Patient get full information about the doctor-professional area, year of practice, doctor award and education details.

In this phase patient,can see  the success of treatment via u[load image by doctors. Achievement of  the clinic and successful patients history.

In Contact us  page  patient get information about the clinic and also book appointment

Thank you for check ,if you like feel free to contact us.


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