Doctrack App - Easy Doctor Booking Now At Your Fingertips!

Doctor Booking App

Project Description

The Doctrack app is the future of the modern healthcare system. The apps can help the patients to connect with doctors instantly, share reports, and get prescriptions from home. Our design team provided an easy to use design system for the client in which any customer of his application can instantly connect with the doctor.


On boarding screen- In this screen patients login and signup, create an account, create a new password enter OTP, and access into account. 

Dashboard-main screen- In the main screen patient can see the upcoming bookings, booking history, prescription which is upload by him

Find provider-Patients search provider(doctor) near his area with the help of the map, select specialty which treatment wants, see doctor details pages-in doctor details screen patient see about the doctor, address, practice area, professional statement services, education, certificate and feedback of his treatment.

Patients get online consultant-Patient to get an online consultant in chat, select packages type like 1 member,3 members, or family consulting.

Book appointment with the provider-Booking appointment with a provider you pin your address on the map, enter patient details, share a patient document, select slot day or afternoon or evening, select payment method. booking request.

Doctor profile-On this page doctor see profile, get notification of booking, approval, postponed, canceled bookings. also, view my transaction page and manage the history of payment and see feedback and rating which is given by patients.

Manage bookings-  This app also uses to manage booking appointments, the doctor manages his booking time, payment details, upcoming booking, new appointment.

We do not design being paperless but grow the connection between patient and doctor. Our platform that helps doctors to work efficiently and enhance patient care.    

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