Pocket Pharmacy App - Compelet Care From The Comfort Of Your Home

Project Description

We survey pharmacy business and find some issues to connect client , to solve this problem design the pocket pharmacy app. client 24 hrs connect to his client because health and wellness are the most categories user are find to buy. The customer is buying medicines by the verified pharmacy for your doorstep.


Get started to create your Account and login & sign up.

In this section, the client sees the best features of the app like  


-Search for your medicines

-Trusted pharmacy

-Accurate medical content

-Largest health platform

-Uploaded prescription

-Add location on the map or manually.

How its work?

The client sees an online pharmacy that is nearby your location.

Order all of your medicines in one palace, also search pathology in your area.

Blog section- in this section clients can see blogs and details of app services and know what our customer says about this app.

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