Medic Buddy - Better Doctor Better Care

Project Description

Medic Buddy is more than app for finding doctors ,weather is booking doctor appointment,ordering medicine scheduling medical test or having online consulting with your doctor. Medic buddy helps you find online medical services and solution to enable you to take better care of yourself.


Create your profile and start your healthcare ,find the right doctor,view the doctor's feedback and book doctor appointment or consult a doctor online via this app.

Book appointment for mobile visit or clinic visit,request for an appointment,choose a time slot. 

Update profile with medicals details, insurance card details, add family member invite your friends to use this app.On the  appointment page  see the upcoming booking , appointment details, canceled booking, share your experience .

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you can edit your personal information like your location, booking notification as confirmed or canceled.

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We want you to have amazing experience on the medic buddy app. Online doctor consultation -convenience when you need it the most too sick to travel to go consult a doctor? You can consult a doctor online & get  the medical assistance you need at your comfort.

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