Wear the Fashion - Apparel Renting Application

Wear the Fashion is an app for the company is using technology to move towards a shared economy for clothing to rent (as opposed to buying). The concept is simple: Man can rent clothes from the help of this app choice their clothes and get a package of clothes on rent. When a user create a profile in the company’s app, they have the option to search for items by many types of filters, whether that be a favorite designer.

Key Of WTF


A key component of the WTF value proposition is that consumers can rent an item for a fraction of its purchase price. Compared to traditional retail, where customers purchase their items and only a few of them come back to the store through the form of returns, WTF needs to manage the constant flow of incoming and outgoing items. To accomplish this, they leverage a highly developed digital inventory management system to track each item. This allows them to update their online website with the latest inventory at any given point in time and ensure customers are only ordering items that will be available by the date they need it.


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